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That is a good idea. When I called my gastro doc to tell them of the research I've been doing and the symptoms I am having with my tongue, the nurse said they have never had any patients with the tongue problem. She instantly sent in orders for my B-12 and folic acid to be tested. My folic acid was ok but again, B-12 very low. Just in the 5 injections I've given myself so far, I see a difference in the color of my tongue. I can't live without the meds but am really starting to worry about the long term effects of them.
do you have any other symptoms of b12 deficiency? I have been on protonix over a year, and have been on double dose 2x a day for about 2 months. My tongue seems fine for now, but my muscles ache and I just have been feeling so weak. I also have probs swallowing from time to time, so I dont eat really well...So, Im wondering if this could be my problem too. I recently started taking b12 supplement, and folic acid, along with a regular one a day vitamin.