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Laroussi, you are certainly not alone in wondering those things. First of all, I have found a great message board that will help you get some more information about your questions. It's called "When is enough enough? Moving beyond infertility to adoption." ([url]http://forums.adoption.com/f25.html[/url]) I have found it to be immensely helpful as most of the people on the board are at the end of their IF treatments and are ready and eager to begin the adoption process. You can really share in the joy, loss, pain, and excitement of the other women.

I wondered the same things as you are contemplating and ultimately decided that ALL I care about is being a mother -- I don't care how my kids come to me, I just want them! i, too, am desperate to have a family. IF treatments are simply not working on me (I am going to try Follistim shots with IUI, but beyond that I am very reluctant to subject myself to IVF -- I just don't think I can do it physically or emotionally), so adoption has been the most wonderful, exciting opportunity I have ever experienced. I'm putting the IF on hold for now and am forging ahead with adoption and am the happiest I've been in literally 15 months. I was so depressed after i\I had failed babymaking attempt after failed abymaking batempt, feeling as if I'd never be a mother, but now I know for sure I will be. It's going to take a little time and $$, but (at least with international adoption) I'm guaranteed of being a mother when it's all said and done.

Oh yes, two books that are great are "Adotping After Infertility" (a book for people just like us who are struggling between the two) and "Be My Baby" (a luscious book with fantastic photographs and interviews of adopted families -- I LOVE it). I would also recommend "Adoption Stories" on Discovery Health Channel. So many of the families featured on the show have gone through IF, and it is uplifting to see them emerge as HAPPY PARENTS because of adoption. I cry every time I watch it!

I wish you so much luck as you make some big decisions. Baby dust -- however it comes to you!