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Kris: Oh sorry about the Femara info again. I forgot that I told you about it awhile ago! I have not conceived on the Femara yet. I'm on CD33 right now and still waiting to O. This has been my problem (not knowing when I ovulate since it's all over the place). We haven't been BDing at the right time because we never knew when it would happen, I mean after using my CBE monitor for 15-20 days, it gets a little old! This cycle I've used the CBE monitor for 20 days and then it wouldn't let me do it anymore, so I've used OPKs for another 5 days so far. Still no surge:( The only reason that I knew I O'ed last month (on CD40) was because I do BBT everyday, and then AF came. Anyway, I've seen the RE already, so if not pg this cycle, then I will hopefully get to start injectables right away - at least then they will monitor me by u/s and then we'll know exactly when to BD. I don't know what it is about the Femara that works for me, but like I said, Clomid has never made me O. It gave me a little hope because when I conceived my son, nothing worked except for Follistim, but it looks like I'll probably be going that route again.

I hope the Clomid works for you or you find someone who can prescribe you Femara! Good luck!