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Kari, Im sorry you dont feel good, but dont give up hope. Why isn't he triggering you already though, if you dont mind me asking? Are you still on follistim now? Or he just has you coasting? He must know better though , he has the full picture.
I think my biggest follie was around 19 when RE had me trigger that same evening. They still get to grow until retrieval, and all of mine were matured.
Good luck,
Well I just got the call (finally!) from my NP. She said that everything is just fine and I will almost for sure trigger tomorrow and E/R on Mon. In fact she already has set up the appt for the anasteisiologist (sp?) for Mon morning. She did not tell me my E2 nor did I ask (I am def doing better not knowing the details :) ). But she didn't express any concern at all in her voice so I feel pretty good about it. They had me down to only 25 units of follistim this morning and I'll take a little more tonite, but none tomorrow morning before my u/s.

Holly, I will continue to take it easy you don't have to worry about that. My evening will be spent on my couch with my dog watching tv and reading. How's that for a Friday nite!!! ;)

Thank you guys so much for being there for me through this. I don't know how I could do it without you all, I really really don't. Hugs and Love,