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Okay, so I'm on CD43 and still have not O'ed this cycle on the Femara:( Last month I O'ed on CD40, so I was hopeful that it might happen again, but I've been temping and my temp will go up one day, and then back down the next, so I'm pretty sure I haven't O'ed. I called my RE for Provera, but they need me to do b/w first (progesterone, preg test & something else??), so I will go tomorrow for that. Anyway, after they get the results, I can start the Provera and then Follistim when AF comes:) I'm excited to finally get this show on the road - I've been on Femara/Clomid for the last year (obviously with very long cycles!!) with no success:(

I'll keep everyone posted on the results of my b/w.

Hi Cristy

I hope all you b/w comes back fine and that you can start provera and get the show on the road. I have also been on clomid for the last year, but now it is time to move onto bigger things. I start my Gonal-f Injections as soon as AF arrives at the end of this month. I am sure once you start follistim you will get your BFP:) . Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you.:D

Keep us posted

Hi Cristy,

Good luck w/ your b/w! I'm sure you must be anxious/excited to get started on the follistim. It's what worked for you w/ your first child, right? Here's hoping it will do the trick a second time! :D :D

Keep us posted,

I was using Follistim when I got pregnant with Jackson, so I am very excited to start again!! I hope I'm just as lucky this time! I am not excited about the costs, however. That is a real bummer, but Jackson was totally worth the money, and I know that if we're in debt up to our eyeballs, it will all be worth it when I hold another baby in my arms again. I am praying for BFPs for not only myself, but all of you wonderful ladies as well!!