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Well, I finally finished the prometrium & AF came 2 days later (yesterday). Went in to see RE today & had u/s done. There were no cysts, so I get to start the Follistim injections tomorrow (125 i.u.). The nurse actually gave me a 600 i.u. cartridge that they had as a sample to save me some money - way cool! I'm so excited about starting and hoping for my BFP this cycle. I'm not afraid of giving myself injections at all, I guess because I did this before when ttc my first child. Anyway, please send me lots of babydust. I have another u/s on 11/7 to see if there are any follicles.

Hey Cristy! I am so excited for you and also for Char. It really is a very cool thing when you have a fellow boardie as a cycle sister. :) My thoughts and prayers will be with you both... I would love nothing more than to celebrate a double BFP with you guys! Hope the follistim is treating you well so far. I used it during a recent IVF cycle and I had a good response. Hoping the same for you!
Hey Kari, thanks for the well wishes! The Follistim is going good, but I've only had one dose so far. I'm not really sure when side effects show up (if they do). I can't remember if I had any last time. Wouldn't that be really great to have a double BFP!!! Actually, it would be even better to have everyone on the board with a BFP! I really hope that we all get our BFPs soon and our ttc journey is over.