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Right now, I'm injecting 125 i.u. When we were ttc our first child, I was using 100, and it took a long time to get big follicles (although I did get pregnant), so they decided to start with a little higher dose and see what happens. I am excited to see - I hope it's good! What dose are you using? I'm not sure if Follistim & Gonal-F are the same dosage wise. Hope you had a good weekend too - I think you're way ahead of us there, right. It's about 12:30pm here right now.

Cristy I am on the lowest dose to start off with I'm on 37,5 iu, I think Gonal-f is a little stronger than Follistim. I used to react well on clomid 50mg, that is why they have started me on such a low dose. Yes we are a bit ahead of you it is now 21h07 here almost time for bed. I am a bit exausted as I did not sleep well last night, probably the nerves that got to me and I had to get up at 7 this morning to inject. I will be climbing into bed shortly. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday afternoon.