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Hey All,

Yesterday was day 4 of Gonal F shots. I was sick this last weekend with a fever and body aches (which started prior to the shot), but I've also been getting very nauseous with bad headaches. I think I'm over the sickness, but was wondering if anyone has experienced nausea and headaches from Gonal F (as these symptoms are still here). I did Follistim last time (because it was donated), and didn't have any of these feelings. Just curious...it's nothing I can't handle but it's making me feel quite miserable. Thanks, and hope everone is doing well with their cycles! - April
Hi April,

I wish I could help you, but I'll just be starting with Gonal-F as soon as AF comes. I do work with someone who had similar symptoms with Follistim, though, so it may be normal. I'd check with your doctor if they get worse or don't go away, though! I hope you feel better! I'd be interested to know if you find out anything about the injections!

Hi April,

I can't help either as I never used gonal-f before (I used follistim). I just wanted to say I'm sorry to hear that you have been feeling nauseous, and I hope you start to feel much better soon!!


PS...I noticed you weren't posting too much over the past few weeks, and it is really nice to have you back! :D
Thanks ladies! I'm really starting to think it's the Gonal F although it's strange, because I didn't have any side effects from the Follistim last time. Oh well...I'll get through it!!!

Holly, thanks for your nice words. I've been lurking for the past month. I had to take the month off of meds because of a cyst...and we just didn't even try. We needed the time away from it. Sorry I kept so quiet (sometimes I just feel like I need to be)!!! Hope all is going well for you!!!
Hi April!!!! I also am very sorry to hear you've been feeling icky. I'm sure it's the meds or somewhat related to them. But I didn't have any trouble with the gonal-F or with Follistim. I do get lurpon headaches, but I'm sure you are not on lupron right? Well it looks like I am cycling just behind you once again! I think I read your IUI will be early next week, so I'll be entering the 2WW just a couple days after you. I'll be praying these cycles conclude with a BFP this time! Really hope that you are feeling better this evening! When do you go in for a follie check?
Well What the HECK!!!! Just got a call back from NP who talked with doctor. They've decided to cancel my cycle as they feel that bout 8 - 10 eggs have potential of maturing. Ok, I know they're trying to be safe, but I seriously have no more than I had last time with the Follistim. I'm very disappointed, but they never directed me NOT to BD with DH...so I think that's the plan. We'll still give it a shot (and hope we don't end up with too many). The thing that kills me is that I stim on the lowest doses. I did 3 days of 150 IU, 2 days of 75 IU and one at 37.5 (which is like a trickle). So next time (which will be my last try before IVF) they want to start me at 75 IU. This whole IF thing is so confusing!!! I can only hope...maybe I won't get cysts from this cycle???

Anyway, hope everyone else is having a better day than me. Baby wishes to all! - April
April, OMG! That is just the craziest thing ever in the world! I didn't want to say anything, but I did recall that you produced very comparable follicles/eggs during your last cycle which ended in a BFN. So why would they cancel this one????? :confused: Just because you produce 5 follies doesn't mean you will have five babies. And I know this is a very sensitive topic, but they did ask you about selective reduction in case the worst case and very unlikely chance scenario did occur and you ended up with high orders. I mean, look at Amelu... they transferred five embryos and she has got twins growing! Well I don't want to say too much more... I know that high order multiples is a very serious thing and with it comes other touchy subject matters.

I just want you to know that I really feel for you right now. I wouldn't blame you if you BD'd. Maybe they didn't tell you not to b/c clearly there is less a chance that all would fertilize the natural way as compared to IUI. II am also a super responder to the stims. During my last IVF cycle I was primarily at 150 units of follistim and I ended up with 30 eggs retrieved. BTW, did your RE consider maybe moving this to an IVF cycle? I remember once this girl on the board, her name was Joey, screen name ThumperMe, well she was doing an IUI and had like 7 follies and they all of a sudden switched her to IVF and did an E/R. And it WORKED! She got pregnant. But it was very crazy since she was in no way prepared for an IVF. If they are saying you could have 10 mature follies in a few days, maybe it would work for you too. Well no matter what happens and what you decide to do... BD, no BD, .....please know that I am completely supporting you. Good luck sweetie and (((hugs))) to you!