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Count me in too! Add me to the list. Happy New Year!
I have been on BCP during last few weeks. Also been doing Lupron injections. If AF comes in the next couple days as expected, then I will start Follistim and Repronex this Friday!! We will know around Feb 1 if it works.

I made a paper chain when we started this process on Dec 1. People questioned why the chain was so long - too long to countdown to Christmas. :-) Only close friends & family come over, so we told them what its for. We decided we could use all the extra support & prayers.

This is my first IVF (ICSI) and our clinic has 72% success rate, so I'm incredibly optimistic - ok, admidetly with some reservations after 3 years of ttc failed "perfect" cycles.

Keep us all posted. Will pray for each of you!!
MMa2roo, I am in San Diego, CA. I feel very blessed to live here because San Diego is a huge bio-medial area. People fly in to do all sorts of procedures, including IVF. When DH had his eye surgery a few years ago, someone had flown in from Europe to have his eyes done at the same place.

I was shocked at the 72% IVF success rate, but I double checked it with other 3rd party sources online, and its way higher than all the other clinics nearby.

It was a referral from my other RE - long story. Anyway, I started AF yesterday and have my u/s tomorrow then start Repronex / Follistim on Friday! I'm excited.
Kari, so kind of you to remember. I think I'll start a thread tomorrow after I get my first u/s monitoring the progress. I'm on my 5th day of stims today and they keep cutting back my Follistim - which I'll take as a good sign that my bloodwork is progressing nicely. I'm hoping for a harvest over the weekend, so I don't have to come up with any more lame excuses to miss work. Good luck with your Feb 7th transfer!!

Jam, I'll have to catch your other post and see how you are doing. Are you nervous to go under anesthesia? I am a bit.