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Hi Hopeful, I'm in San Diego, CA.
Kari, yes, my appt is tomorrow morning, and they should tell me at that appt. when I will trigger & what day my retrieval will be.

My follistim dose has been steadily decreasing (started at 125U, then 100, 75, 25, 25 and last night none) my estrogen was increasing so well they kept lowering follistim meds. But today they had me do 75U injection tonight.

I just learned how they do the egg retrieval. I asked at my last appt. because I realized that I didn't know the actual process. RE said they go in via vaginal ultrasound, but a special one that has a very fine needle. They extract all of the fluid from each follicle, and hope the egg is collected within the fluid. Wacky - but cool! The embryologist is the room and looks in a microscope and can tell the doctors right then whether they got the egg or not. All this while I am under anestesia and I suppose DH will be waiting in the lobby or doing his business. Not sure his exact schedule while all this is happening.
Here is my update. I was holding off because I wanted to share some actual info. At my u/s this morning the RE said technically I was in the category to maybe trigger tonight (with more than 3 follies at 18mm) I had 5 at exactly 18mm, and 2 at 15mm that they measured, as well as some smaller ones. But since I was only on day 8 stim, she really wanted me to do Day 9 stim (tomorrow) and HCG trigger tomorrow, and it would depend on my Estrogen E2 level when I triggered.

Sooo. I just got a call about an hour ago and they want me to do one more day of Follistim/repronex & have another u/s tomorrow AM. My E2 was 1947, ans she said if it was in the mid to high 2K's I would trigger tonight. So 95% sure I'll do the HCG tomorrow night and retrieval will be on Monday. This is good because I will get my doctor instead of weekend doctor. But not so good because I have to "call in sick" and miss work that day - and again whatever day they do the putting it back in (can't remember the word for that). It's late on Friday, bear with me.