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I have been on follistim for 12 days, and my dr. told me not to trigger because there were too many large follicles. Can I still ovulate without the trigger shot? Will it take longer? I am on cycle day 16 and tried an ovulation predictor test the past two days and haven't gotten a positive reading. The dr. said I may or may not ovulate on my own. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Hi Asileen,

Welcome to the boards.Well to try and answer your question yes it is possible to ovulate even though you dont trigger.Now all your follies might not release but maybe 1 or 2 or 3 who really knows.I would defently bd with DH you never know.At least this way the cycle isent a total waste.BTW why were you on follistim for so many days?12 days seems like an awful lot to be on follistim.I remember I was only on it for a few days.Maybe 5 or 6 days I dont recall now.In any case good luck.

Mapia :)
Hi Asileen and welcome to the board. You can ovulate without trigger. My last cycle on Gonal-F (same as follistim) My cycle was cancelled because my follicles did not grow past 10mm (my cycle was cancelled on cd19). I injected for 16 days, I had a progesterone test on cd31 when AF failed to show and it was positive or O. I O'ed on cd 25/26. I also had a 40 day cycle. So do not give up BD anyway maybe you are lucky and catch an egg somewhere down the line.

Good luck