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April, this is exciting indeed! You sound kind of like me, not really too happy that it has to come to IVF, but so excited about the much greater possibility that this will be the ticket to babyville.

That last month before we went in for our IVF consult we were ttc naturally and praying soooo hard that it would work. I tried rationalizing with God that we could use the $12k-$15k for the kid in baby stuff and college fund, and to please let us just get pg on our own - like the rest of the world. No dice. I just hope it works for you and me and the rest of us! I'm sure many of us will soon be getting what we asked for for Christmas last year.

(music, please...)
All I want for Christmas is my Follistim, my injection.
Gee if I could only have a sonogram, a blood exam.
Then I could finally be a mom!

It seems so long, since I could meet
pregnant girls and not get grumpy
People don't see, how happy I'd be
if only I could have a baby! A baby!