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Hi Everyone!

Had my IVF education appt yesterday, and now I am SUPER excited about my cycle!! :D:D:D I got a call from my nurse on my way to the appt, and I was terrified to answer it - thinking she would be cancelling again - but she just wanted to warn me that it was sleeting out (I drive 40 min to the office) and see if I wanted to reschedule. Heck no!! I said, I'm already on my way! :D We had the appt as planned, and I walked out of there w/ a shopping bag FULL of meds! :D I still have to order some oral meds, but the only injectible med I will need to buy is the Ovidrel trigger. I am so excited! I knew they had meds for me, but I really didn't expect them to have that much. This is going to save us thousands of dollars!!

Anyway, back to the appt...I got my calendar, and we will be doing things slightly different this time around. Last time I was on lupron, follistim, & menopur. This time they are adding bravelle. I think it might be because I had so many eggs (26), but only half of them were mature (13). Maybe this time we will go for quality instead of quantity and get that bfp!!

Lupron starts on 2/8. Last day of bcp on 2/14. Baseline u/s on 2/19. Stimming starts on 2/21 and I am going to schedule my monitoring appts today. They will be the week starting 2/24. E/r & e/t will be the first week of March. :D:D

It feels like it will be starting so soon!! I never thought I would get to this point again, I was starting to think I would be waiting forever. I'm getting that good feeling & thinking this cycle really will work!! The last time we did this, my dr's office only had his IVF success rates available for 2005, and his percentages were around 30 or 40%...not the greatest (BUT, he takes all patients regardless of age or issues, and that hurts his stats a little). Well, when I went yesterday, there were success rates for 2007, and his percentages had jumped to over 50% resulting in live births. :D I feel so much more confident after seeing that!!

Okay, before this turns into a book, I need to stop typing. LOL Sorry this is so long, I'm just so excited!!!! Talk to you ladies soon!


PS....Praying, I wasn't sure what details you're interested in hearing, so if you have any specific questions, don't be afraid to ask. I'd be more than happy to answer them. :)