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Dh and I got married in 1997, so we've been married almost 11 years. I was 22 and DH was 23 when we married. Our goal was to have a home, nice cars and be parents by the time we were 25. As you can see our plan went down the wrong road. I've decided not to write a book for my journey, so instead I am going to list as "stats". So here it is.

Me (32)- PCOS, boarderline FSH (9.6), adhesions, blocked right tube, "rough" left tube, history of cyst and uterine polyps
DH (34)- Male factor, last 3 test were constistant of 8 mil

TTC since Jan 2000

Proceedures: 3 Laporoscopy's, 1 D&C, 1 hysterscopy, 1 endometrial biopsy, 2 HSG, 1 SHG, 1 IUI, numerous u/s and gallons of blood

Medications: Clomid, Follistim, Estridial, Prometrium, Metformin & doxycycline

Jan 24th IVF Ed Apt

Start BCP in Feb
Start Lupron in Feb