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When I got married at 20, like most, I never suspected I would have any trouble conceiving. Having never been on BCP, I figured it would happen eventually. I was in no hurry in college anyway.

Fast forward after college, and we decided to seek help- it was time to swallow our pride and admit we had a problem.

Initial OB/GYN ran blood work and determined I had 'resistant ovaries' with a FSH of 11.2 at 23 years old.

After many years of the TTC and IF rollercoaster, DH decided he wanted off the ride. Shortly after hearing his news, I found out I was pregnant without any help, and much to my disbelief. We had tried for almost 15 years!! Sadly, it ended in miscarriage.

I have moved on with my life, remarried a wonderful man, and now await the next chapter in our lives. I have a laparoscopy scheduled for March 17; then we will try all over again.

We have since determined I have elevated FSH (highest 16.2) & endometriosis. I respond poorly, if at all, to injectables.

Medications tried: Lupron, Gonal F, Follistim, Menopur, Repronex, Clomid, and Femara.

Surgeries: 2 Laparoscopies (3rd one scheduled for March 17), 2 D&C, HSG, 2 Hysteroscopies

We've tried: numerous IUI's, 5 IVF's

I am the epitome of a human pin cushion, but I refuse to give up- I'm not done fighting yet!