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I'm a newlywed!

Married DH this past October in Vegas after together for two years. BUT, TTC for the past year.

Me: 38
DH: 41
Clock is ticking! :o


December 5th, - switched GYN to see what the problem was. :confused: Off BCPs for over a year and AF came regularly :(

HSG showed blocked tubes. :mad: Horrible experience; very painful, but that was due to the blockage. (P.S. - had it done on New Years Eve day, to boot!!)


January 11th - GYN referred me to RE
January 14th - Consultation with RE informed me IVF is the only way
January 21st - started follistim
January 22nd - went to "IVF Class / Orientation" (note, AFTER follistim.)
January 25th - u/s showed 8 follicles
January 26th - starting ganarelix and luveris

Possible E/R on January 30th or 31st... and then... the wait begins...

Quick timeline, I know. Praying, praying, praying... :angel: