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DH and I were married in 2002 - I was 23, he was 25. We started ttc 2 months after our wedding, but I never got AF after going off BCP, so went to OB/GYN a year later and started Clomid, which didn't make me O at any dosage. Finally went to RE 1/04, and after many tests (you all know what I mean), it was determined that I wasn't ovulating and DH was fine. I started Follistim injections with BD, and on the third round, I finally got my first BFP!! Our son was born 8 weeks early, but ended up to be just fine after staying in the NICU for 1 month. He is now a happy, healthy, wonderful 2 1/2 year old.

After our son was born, I went on BCP for 5 months, but decided to stop because we figured if I got pregnant, I got pregnant, and it would be a wonderful miracle. Well, it never happened, so I went to my OB when our son was 15 months old and she put me on Femara several times and I never got a BFP, although I did O on occasion. Finally, went back to RE and did one Follistim cycle with BD, had 2 great follies, and got my BFP in 11/07!! I am now almost 13 weeks pregnant with twins, and everything seems to be going good, we're just a little worried about preterm labor again.

That's our success story in a nutshell. I hope some of you can find some inspiration from it and know not to give up!