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Praying, thanks for the reminder! The online pharmacy I use does this. I've filled my Gonal F there twice, so the third should be free. Here's my problem though, my RE is going to prescribe Follistim for my upcoming IVF. I wonder how strict they are with that...becuase it would obviously save me quite a bit to just go with the Gonal. Anyone know if RE's are pretty stuck with their regular protocal, or will they alter the meds if requested??? - April
Hey Praying, I had not heard of that, but it def applies to me since we pay out of pocket. And I did use Freedom pharmacy (they've been great all around) but like April, my first IVF try was with Gonal-F and my second with Follistim.

BTW, April, I think these two stims are very similar. They are both FSH dominant stims (as opposed to Repronex which is equal parts FSH and LH). My NP told me that follistim is a bit stronger than gonal-F. Not sure if that helps, but I think there's a chance your doctor might work with you if you want to stay with gonal-F because it's more affordable. I'd def let them know that. Good luck hun!