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Hi Ladies, I just wanted to let you know that I'm back from my RN Consult this morning. Everything went well. We made the big payment and signed all the consent forms. And even though I had my protocall with all the meds in front of me for weeks, it was certainly overwhelming to go through it all with the nurse!

They had me down to use Follistim but I asked if I could use Gonal F instead. I've got some left over and I should be getting a free 900 unit pen now since I've paid for two (the online pharmacy I use has this deal). So that will at least save us some money on meds. I'm just waiting for the pharmacy to call so we can finalize and make payments!

Lots of fun to come. Hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for your continued support!
Hi April!!! That's fantastic your nurse agreed to switch you over to the gonal-F. The follistim and gonal-F are the most expensive of all the meds you'll use, so that's some significant savings for you for sure! And everything else seems to be progressing as planned?

As for injecting in the thigh, I've only done that with Repronex which I used during my first IVF attempt which was cancelled. Sticking myself in my thigh wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be. But the med itself was scary... it was a strong stim that I used in conjunction with the gonal-F... and it was brutal (I hope you aren't using this and I just stuck my foot in my mouth like I so often do ;)). But seriously the repronex made me swell and get huge red welts... it was painful to even stand on my feet while taking that crap! Thankfully I'll prob never use it again... apparently the LH that's in it really isn't good for super-responders. It sure was one med I won't miss! :)

Well I'm so glad your appointment went well. Crossing my fingers this whole cycle keeps going well for you!!!