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Just starting cycle number 4. I've been put on injectable puregon, just wondering if anyone has had any experiences with this drug and if so, side effects or any other information?

Sorry, just realized that in the US the drug is called Follistim
Hi Canadiangirl!

Good luck on your upcoming cycle~I hope it is the one!! I used follistim for my IVF cycle, and it was cake. I loved using the pen, it was much less intimidating than the syringe & once I got the "dial your dose" thing down, it was really quite simple. I didn't notice any negative side effects other than bloating. But if you're not doing IVF (which I don't think you are, sorry if I'm mistaken), you might not even experience that as the dose you will be on will probably be much lower. Hope that helped. Again, good luck!!

Holly :)
I'm glad your first shot wasn't bad. :) I've used clomid too, & let me tell you, I had some nasty :o side effects from that drug! I really think you will like the follistim much more.

Hi Canadiangirl I was on Purogen here in Europe and I had no side effects at all.I also took follistim when I was in the US also had no side effects.Like Holly mentioned I liked the pen as well made things easier.Good luck and keep us posted.

Hey CG, I took follistim for IVF on my last fresh attempt... I did a dose of 175units per day (if that sounds low in comparison, keep in mind I am what they call a super-responder to stims). I really didn't have any side effects other than the expected bloating from producing 30 follicles! :) I think it's a pretty good med, and I'm sure you will respond quite well. When is your first ultrasound for monitoring? Good luck, and keep us posted!