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Princess, I need to take some pointers from you then about not stressing out. I am the queen of stress...lol. I am determined though to keep it under control this cycle (& during my pg following this cycle as well! :D).

Cmarie, thank you for checking in on me! I'm sure little Olivia is keeping you very busy & I appreciate your taking the time to post to me. :D I appreciate your support more than I know how to say.

Kari, thank you for telling me I'm not setting myself up for disappointment. I really hope we are right. I just feel like this is it. I took my first stim this morning, and I will take more this evening. My dr has me on the 10 lines of lupron of course, then I am doing 2 vials of bravelle in the morning, 1 vial of menopur in the evening, & 25 units of follistim in the evening. Last time my dose of follistim was MUCH higher, but last time I didn't use bravelle, so I'm hoping everything will balance out & this time will be the right mixture to bring us our bundle of joy! I have an appt on Sunday just to check b/w & then my first monitoring u/s is on Tuesday. Thank you for your support, sweetie. I know it must not be easy. You are such an amazing person & a wonderful friend, & you WILL be a mommy.

Lori, hi!! How are you? Are you & DH still going through the adoption process or did you already meet your baby? It's so great to hear from you - I think of you often! Thanks for the well wishes, I really hope this is the cycle for me! :D:D Wishing you all the best!!!