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Oh Kari, you are so strong. Thanks for thinking of me too, I am ok here, in my 2ww. I did a no no :nono:this month, I had some leftover follistim in the fridge since our IVF, you know when that was, and we said lets just give it a try. My RE doesnt do stimulated cycles without IUI , and I know that my DH's dream is to conceive in our bedroom, so he gave me the shots, 3 days in a row, 50 cc, so its very small dosage (RE was giving me 125 at a time), I didnt want to get in some trouble and go to the emergency room or something, and we are now waiting for a miracle. Maybe was just enough to start things a little. I OPKd and was right on time as normal.
I'll keep you posted on how it went.
You take care my friend,
Mady, I am so happy u confessed your protocol this cycle!!! OMG, I seriously look at all of these xtra meds I have (follistim, repronex, clomid, u name it!) and I just know if I ever take a month "off" it'll really only be a month off of monitoring! ;) Bad, yes, but we are not alone and at least we have enough experience to know what is pushing and conservative as far as dosage goes. Well I am super anxious to follow your 2WW so keep me updated!!!

Hi Hopeful, you have a great way with words my friend! That was a very encouraging post. Yes it is true we are tested to our limits when most people can achieve pregnancy with a bottle of cheap wine! And cheers to victory... Our victories, my friend... They are coming!

Mapia, it is scary but true... I've been on the board posting for a full year now... It's hard to believe we still aren't holding our little miracles (or even pregnant with them for goodness sake!). I am so glad we found each other thru this journey... It is a true blessing in spite of all the IF pain.

Oh Mrsctw thank u so much for sharing your update. I think of you so much and I'm glad that you still plan on moving forward with IVF come summer! Wouldn't it just be wonderful if you ended up with two little babies super clse in age after all is said and done?!!! I really do think we will be mommies soon... We all deseve it and I'm not going anywhere until all our dreams have come true!