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Hi everyone,

This sub-board is great!

Anyway, dh and I went through fertility treatments and were successful, I now have an 11 month beautiful daughter. She is awesome!!!!

It all started from an annual gyn appointment and we started talking about trying to have a baby and my cycle etc. My doctor told me that I would have problems due to the length of my cycle and the the time b/w i ovulated and received AF. I was shocked!!!! I was only 25 when he told me and my 2 older sisters would blink and get pregnant so I didn't believe him. Well, dh and I kept trying and no success. After about 9 months I went to an RE for a 2nd opinion and he agreed.

I did 3 months of femara (similar to clomid) alone...no luck. then I did 3 months of femara with IUI...no luck and then I did one month of injections follistim and ovudrel with IUI and I was successful!

We are now trying for our 2nd baby and hopefully god willing we will win the infertility battle again. It was so worth it!!!!!! She is the greatest thing in the world and it is so neat to see both my husband and myself in our little girl.

Keep on trying to everyone out there...your dreams will come true!