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I know there's been plenty of threads started about FSH levels, but I think this will be alittle different.
Last month it was 10.8. I took follistim and now this month it's 12.8.:( Does anyone know if taking injectables will raise FSH? Has anyone had similar situation? This is the highest it's ever been and I feel alittle discouraged. Just the realization that I'm not getting younger (I'll be 35 in 2 months) and making it harder to get pg.:(

I think that the follistim can elevate your FSH. I am surprised they didnt' have you do the lab work without taking an meds. Hang in there, I had an elevated FSH once:mad: (and thought I was doomed) but then had 2 more that were perfectly fine and then did an ovarian reserve measurement via ultrasound. I did a lot of online searching about FSH levels and how they can differ, and why. I encourage you to do some searching too and keep asking questions. do not lose hope and hang in there sweetie!!:angel:

I know I know, easier said than done.

Don't give up, you will be a mommy one day:angel::angel: