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Well I hope you are right Mapia, I want this month to fly by. I feel like if I could make it through the last 3 weeks of March well then I can handle this. Since I have a few little milestones b/t now and E/R (such as starting lupron, taking last BCP, AF, down reg appt, stims), I'm kinda thinking that this month could go by rather quickly for me. No doubt the next 10 days until lupron will be the longest. As for my stimming medication, well I really don't know what to expect. I have lots of left over follistim and repronex from my first two IVF stims, but I wonder if the RE will switch up my protocol since I had such powerful responses both times (which I still wonder if factored in to my poor embryo quality). I mean seriously, I'm even wondering if maybe they should try an IVF cycle with clomid!!! I did get five good follies on just a 100mg dose last IUI. Maybe my embryos would be happier that way! So what do you think your protocol will be? Do you have meds left over from your last IUI in Greece?