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after taking several months off after DW m/c in december, we are trying again. spent the last couple days looking at donors, and have our top 4 ready to order.

DW started AF sunday, and that means one thing... doc appts this week for another cycle. i wanted her to have 2 "normal" cycles after her m/c before we go back on hormones and try again.

so... we are back in the game. we both agreed to try it again. Dont know if we will continue if there is another m/c... too emotionally challenging for both of us. we were both a wreck for a couple weeks. but after a few months, and a nice little cruise vacation in feb, we feel ready.

femera/follistim here we come! ovaries, be ready this time. :D

Hi Paulie Welcome back, I am glad that you and DW had a good vacation and are ready to start trying again. I am glad that you are starting on femara and follistim, I am sure that this is going to be it for you and DW. Bring on that sticky BFP:).

Please keep us updated.

update -
dr appt this morning. baseline u/s looked good, so DW started femera this monring. will start follistim (oh joy! injectables!) thursday PM. another u/s wed next week, and iui friday morning.

on a different (AKA more depressing) note, i am finding it *very* difficult to get excited for this cycle. there has been so much disappointment, heartache, and cash hemorrhage. Of course i want to be positive, supportive, upbeat and hopeful, but finding it very hard to do so. I don't know how much longer we can do it. How have you all dealt with this?

(wife doesn't read the board, so all responses are safe.. ;) )

we are using donor as well, as I am sterile and dw (as far as we know) is fine. this will make 10 cycles(i think.. they all blend together) on different meds, over the last year and a half.. She has had a HSG and a hysteroscopy, removing lots of endo scarring(poor girl).

just started follistim yesterday morning, with iui scheduled for next friday. She came to me when i got home from work yesterday and just started crying on my shoulder (man, i hate hormones!) She was not feeling like this was gonna work. she (and i to some degree) both feel like this is not gonna be a good cycle. just try to have a good attitude and keep our chins up. it's hard though. really really hard.

good vibes and baby dust. :D