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[FONT="Arial"][SIZE="3"]Ok so we did fertility treatments (5 IUI with Clomid) 5 years ago - no luck - surgery for endometrios and then we went the route of adoption. We are now back to the fertility doctor and I started Follistim (150 dosage) last Thursday. I went in for blood work and an untra sound on Sunday and was told I have two small folicals that look good and my estrogen leave was at 360 and to stay at the same dosage and go back on Wednesday morning for another blood test and ultra sound.

My question is - does this sound normal and ok? I can't find anywhere what the normal should be at this point? Any advice???[/FONT]
Hi Amy, I was on Follistim and had IUI last month and although we got a BFN last cycle your numbers sound similar to mine. I also did Follistim and IUI this cycle and am currently in the 2ww. Both times my estrogen went up each time I went in for bloodwork and U/S which they did like every two days until the IUI. I don't remember how high the estrogen finally reached though, sorry. Both cycles I had 5 follicles develop and I was on 100 of follistim for the first and 75 to 100 for the second. I would say things look good for you so stay positive!!
Keep us posted. Renee
Thanks everyone I got in for blood work and ultra sound tomorrow morning at 6:45. It takes me an hour and a half to get to my doctor so it's gonna be an early morning. I'll let you all know how things go. I'm trying to stay optimitic. I will admit I was expected more side effects from the Follistim. I remember having side effects 5 years ago with the Clomid by so far nothing different with this --- hopefully it's working and doing something!
Hi Amy,

It sounds like your cycle is off to a good start! Good luck at your appt tomorrow. Let us know how it goes. Regarding the lack of side effects w/ follistim, that's very common. It's a much kinder fertility drug than clomid when it comes to nasty side effects. I used both drugs & had the same results as you regarding side effects. The follistim did help me grow some nice follicles & it sounds like it's going to do the same for you.

Hi Amy-

Those numbers sound good, if the RE is happy with them I wouldn't worry about it (I know easier said than done). After you stop taking the meds your eggs will continue to grow, maybe not as fast as when you are taking the meds, but they still grow when you coast.

I was on Follistim 150 for 5 days then gradually dropped down from 100-75 over the course of 4 days. I don't know about the estrogen level though. Sounds like you're responding well to the meds.

Good luck with the IUI. I just had mine this morning and going in for another insemination tomorrow.
Thanks everyone - I just got back from my appointment this morning. My RE seems really happy. I have three follicals now - one on my right at 18mm and two on my left at 14mm and 15mm. I am going to take another shot of Follistim tonight (150) and then get my HGS (I think that is the right term) shot in the morning. And we are scheduled for IUI on Friday morning. I am still waiting to hear on my blood work before all is final but my RE seemed really happy. I think I have completely blocked out what happened 5-6 years ago when we first tried this - but I really don't remember my RE being this happy before - but again my memory isn't the best and it's been a long time ago too. I'll update when I get my blood work later this morning.
Well I just spoke with the nurse and my estrogen level is 859 - she seemed happy with that. So all is set to take one more injection of 150 follistim tonight and my HCG injection in the morning and then IUI on Friday morning. My husband goes in at 7:45 then I go in at 10:45. So does this all sound about right?