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I feel like a lot has happened to me in the last couple hours, emotionally. I have come to terms that I may NEVER have another child. Soon after that phone call I had to hurry and take my son to his first swim lesson. I learned from that lesson more than he did, I think. I've invested so much of my time and emotions on having another child for the last 4 years, that I don't think I paid as much attention to the child I do have, at least as much as I should have. I'm not saying it was all a waste of time, but I did put a lot into IF treatments and researching about it etc.

We're about 75% sure we want to go with adoption. Even if we don't, I think I'm OK with it. And if we do, I know that I can love the adopted child as much as my own birthed son.

I was searching thru the internet and came across a site about secondary infertility. On it was a woman in the same situation as myself and she was going to give up, per se. She decided that she and her child and husband will go on vacations every year with the money they would have spent on IF treatments. I though that was a great idea. I may do that too.

All hope isn't lost. This last cycle I used about 1100 units of follistim for the whole cycle. When the nurse ordered the meds in the begining she ordered too much (about 2000 units). So I have about 800 units left over. I'm going to talk with the RE and see if she can offer me a discount and not do so many tests to help keep costs low. And I found out that this doctor offers a discount for medical professionals. 15% is not much but anything helps.

I'm not as tormented as before. I feel like I still have hope, even though we may not do any more treatments for a while.

Sorry this post is so long.