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Kelley, how thoughful of you. Thank you for your constant support. I'll have to check the pregnancy board to see how you are doing.
Well ladies, I had my accu consult today, and am very hopeful that we can see some positive results in this short time we have left till transfer. The Accu lady is wonderful, she said she will make some chinese herb mix that she has lots of faith in. I still have to get over the needle part, which will be next Tuesday, but I am very optimistic and I think I'll go over any fear.

Kari, your plan sounds great to me, to let all embies grow untill freeze, that will give you alot of answers also and will give you a better look statistics wise. So RE is going to do a day 3 transfer also this time, if he has more success with it, maybe you will not need to touch the frosties for at least a year. Sorry to hear the Lupron already starts to give you headaches, I am not looking forward to that, but all for a healthy baby, right?
I will be starting Lupron on the 27th so we will be very close. Stimulations phase aroud may 7th. Woohoo.

April, maybe its better that he didnt give you numbers, because look at me, I start and worry for nothing. I talked to the nurse about it and she said they should actually stop doing all that FSH testing, its not too accurate, it fluctuates alot and they dont care much about it. This office does take high FSH women for IVF so it doesnt matter to them. So no need to worry for me, being that it actually lowered, E2 also. I read that its bad when FSH lowers but E2 goes way up, is just as bad as a high FSH.

Thats all for me now, will have the meds in next wednesday, and we are not changing anything. Same Follistim and menopur, and start with the same dosage.
Love you all,
Hi all. It's seems so quiet over here on the IF board. I guess that is a good thing considering so many of our IF sisters have had recent success and moved over to the Pg board, but it's very interesting logging on every day and not having much to catch up on! What am I gonna do with all my extra time?:D:jester: I do hope that anyone who is cycling right now (or getting geared up to cycle!) is doing well with everything. Sending lots of babydust your way**********

I had my down reg u/s appt this morning and things went very well. All is beautifully quiet so I will start the repronex Fri morning and then do 125 units of follistim in the evening. Sunday will be my first monitoring appt and I'm currently scheduled for both b/w and u/s... they said even tho it's early, they want to watch me carefully since we've added back the repronex and we wanna make sure I don't get too many follies again. AF kinda came. Saw a little pink here and there last nite, and a bit this morning. She was def there during the u/s (sorry TMI :o), but I doubt I'll have much more bleeding. My pathetic lining doesn't even wanna shed. I'm very much looking forward to using viagra. I finally did a little research and everything I read sounded promising. There was one study where 4 women who had prior failed IVF's and never had a lining above 7 were given viagra to help blood flow to their lining. 3 of the 4 acheived a lining over 10 and all 3 of those women got pregnant on their next IVF's using viagra. I stopped after a couple articles cause all I read was good stuff and no negatives. Helped me feel pretty positive.:angel:

Any other updates out there?
Hey Mady! Yes, it is soooo quiet around here, especially when you think back to like a year ago when these boards just seemed to get SO much action! I mean there were IVF clubs, and member jackets and all sort of fun silly stuff... crazy how it's so different. Anyway, how exciting that you've started the lupron injections already!!!:blob_fire:bouncing::blob_fire It's official... your IVF cycle is underway! Woohoo!!! I agree that the shot is pretty easy... oh, and I also agree that those insulin syringes (the ones that don't come in the box) are the best to use... they seem to have the sharpest needles or something. So are you starting out at 10units or 20?

Biodel, I really hope things go well on Tuesday and those missed cultures don't hold anything up! Please drop by with your update when you get a chance!

Princess, how are you doing??? Hopefully you got in a BD session with DH over the weekend cause O time is probably right around the corner!!!! Looking forward to your update too!

I saw RE this morning for an u/s and b/w. The u/s, as I suspected, showed nothing. Things still look pretty quiet after 2 days of stims... couldn't even get an antral follicle count. They'll call me later with my E2 and then I'm guessing they may up my dose a little bit since they started me really low... I've only been doing 125 units of follistim. Will keep you guys posted!
OMG April that is AWESOME news!!!! And how cool that they got back to you so quick! (Well it seemed quick to me, could have seemed like forever for you!) I really do think that's awesome... I have a great feeling this next try will be the final one for you. And it's all gonna be starting very soon!

Princess, let's keep that positive attitude going! I know you are gonna see a BFP in a couple weeks!

Mady, how's the lupron going??? Now I think you are on BCP... Or wait, no maybe you aren't... What is next for you? Down reg u/s appt? Hope you had a great weekend!

Well I'll have a better update tomorrow after my morning b/w and u/s appt. Hopefully the little follistim increase the last couple days will get some action going with my follies!
Kari, I'm so glad you are back. I am still taking BCP's along with the Lupron. Today had my second shot, and to answer your previous question, I am doing only 10. All is well, no bruising yet. Last BCP will be this Thu, and the estimated baseline appt is on the 7th. Lets see how cooperating will be AF this time. I read on your thread, your E2 looks wonderful. And they upped your Follistim a little. 150 its still pretty conservative, I will be on 200 + 75 of Menopur. Thats what I had the first time also. Good Luck tomorrow. I'm sure they should see some follies forming already, it should be your 5th day of FSH.
April, thats great that they accepted you into the program, it will happen for you my dear. I wish it will happen from the first of the 3, it has to, we have to graduate together, we've been through alot.
Princess, you should be finding out first you are the lucky one, you sure are already, skipping all the shots we have to get and get straight to BD. Thats gotta be fun. :D
Ok ladies, have a great night, tomorrow I will have another accu appt. I feel it works for me, am very calm and optimistic. :)
Spreading some babydust *****
Kari, I didnt see it will be this saturday. I wish you great luck and to see only what you want to see.
Lupron is ok so far, but I am taking it easy. Accu lady prescribed me some herbs also, which a part of them help me relax, yummy stuff;), nasty tasting though. I donno how well will they work once I get on the Follistim, it seems to give me a hard time.