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Hi girls and thanks for the positive vibes!

Kari--you have an amazing memory! Yeah, we had tried our one little frozen embie in feb because of a poor reaction to the meds.
My doc actually did change things up this time. We didn't do Lupron b/c she seems to think that it suppressed my system TOO well. I only did BCP for 2 weeks, then we went straight to stims. We're still doing Follistim/Menopur but upped the dosage a bit.
Then i'll be doing Antagon injections next week...never did that one before, but i guess its like the Lupron.
My appt tomorrow will check the follies and see what the status is!!
I'll keep you all posted about my progress.

I'm so glad to have you all around at times like this!!:)
Hi girls.

Tomorrow is another appt and i'm trying to stay positive.
My dosage of Follistim was 225 tonight and Menopur was ALOT...they had me do 4 vials! I did the Antagon shot yesterday and today.

My sides/ovaries hurt and feel uncomfortable, but not too bad. The only other thing i noticed this time was headaches like every day, which i don't normally get. I don't know if it's the meds or what.

Other than that, i'm fine. Looking forward to this week and getting the retrieval day over with. Just a few more days!!:)

Holly, I missed all of the details of your cycle! How did it go? How many follicles and embryos did you have? How many did they put back and on what day?