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Hi Mapia!!! Thanks for starting this thread for me! It was actually perfect timing too cause I have my update after my consult today and it's prob gonna be a little long and I don't want to hog up the April/May cycles thread. ;)

DH and I had a long and very good talk with my RE today. There are some major changes being implemented with this IVF. The first is that we will be adding back LH into my stims. The first time I tried IVF and was cancelled for over-stim, we did a combo of repronex (which contains LH... I think it's similar to menopur) and pure FSH (follistim / gonal-F). Well since I responded much like someone who has PCOS, the decision was made to withdraw the LH completely in my second attempt. I did do better and made it to E/R, but my RE thinks that the quality could have been compromised by completely removing LH. Anyone who followed my fresh and two FET knows that quality was an issue with every single embryo. So the plan is to add back the repronex in the morning and keep that dose low and also keep my evening dose of follistim low... starting out at 75 and 125, respectively.

The next major change is I will start taking metformin tomorrow. I know many of you have taken it and it's commonly diagnosed for PCOS. He says this may help combat over-stimulation. The only thing I'm afraid of is that he said there is a 40% chance it will upset my stomach, but he promises there is absolutely no risk to an impending pregnancy / implantation. I'd love to hear about anybody's elses experience on metformin.

The third major change is I will take viagra (yes, viagra! :o) to help increase blood flow to my lining. Our goal is to get my lining to thicken to at least 8. I don't think I start that until next Friday when I start stimming. Has anyone ever heard of a viagra protocol in IVF?

My RE was totally on board with our decision to let all of our embies culture (no freezing on day-1 even if we have lots and lots of embies again), then we will transfer 3 on day-3, and then let all other embies go to blast and freeze those which are able to survive till blast. Our plan is to hear about the quality on day-3, but not find out how many, if any, did in fact make it to blast for freezing. Only after my beta will we find out if we got any frosties. I know it will be difficult not knowing, but DH is right thinking that if none survive to blast then I would likely feel very negative during the 2WW (and we can't have that, can we? ;) )

So that is the plan my friends. I apologize for all the detail, which probably is confusing for many of you who have never done IVF. But I feel awesome about my chances this time. I really think they are doing all that they can to ensure I get pregnant on this one. Oh, and another cool thing is that we got last years pricing. :cool: My office increased their fees by $1,400 and we got that increase waived. Every little bit helps when you're paying out of pocket!!!!:)

Thanks again for all the support my friends. I'm so excited that so many of my sisters here are going to be cycling close to me. I'd love nothing more than to see all of us move on to the Pg board with so many of our lucky friends who have already made it there. I'll be praying for every one of us! Love to you all!

April, that is beyond sweet of you to say you'll use your birthday wishes on me! Make sure you don't use all of them cause you're own e/r will be following sooner than you think!!! And your lupron starts right when I have my E/T so you really will be right behind me... I'm also excited about using Viagra... At first I was scared (and a bit embarrassed actually) cause I had never heard of it, but based on what I've read and now that again I had a pathetic AF, well I'm convinced it's what I need! I wonder if I'll start those pills on Sun...

Hi Aimee!!! It does seem like time has flown by! Must be doing the same for you... When do you think you'll have your girls? (it is 2 girls right?) I hope your carpal tunnel is better... I'm thinking of you too friend.

Lizzie!!! Yes, my clinic is really doing an exceptional job on me this time. That's why I have so much confidence!!! :) What a relief you've reached such an important milestone! I have a million questions about how you are doing, feeling, and even looking:D but I'll wait until you have more time and can post all about it on the Pg board.

Hey Holly! Yup, woke up today and already took my first stim shot! I did repronex this morning and I'll do the follistim tonight. But uh oh, I literally just realized I made a mistake.... I forgot to cut my lupron in half today! Oh no... I still took 20 units!:confused::confused::confused: Man what is wrong with me!??? I'm really not an idiot but how could I have forgot! I'm sure it'll be okay, right? Knowing me the extra suppression can't hurt :)

Princess you have me cracking up about wanting Viagra for DH.... I can tell u are getting ready for the BD part of your cycle!!! :) Seriously tho, I'm also super excited about watching how it helps my lning... RE said as long as I don't have receptor issues the blood flow will help with the thickness. I consider myself a receptive person :) Yes, it was me who was once told midcycle to stop being hormonal... And yes, my response was all I do is take prescribed hormones! That was prob the most stupid thing DH has ever said to me... It is def quote-board worthy! :) Well Princess my friend I hope you are having a great day yourself. Happy Friday!!!!
Oh April how right you are! Uneventful is far better than what went down the first time! I really expected things to go as they did yesterday... My E2 came back at 25.5. My last cycle on the same day E2 was 30 and all went well in the end with making it to E/R. My first cycle E2 was closer to 90 at this point and that's the one that ended up getting canceled. But all is good and I'm feeling good!

Hey Princess!!! Yes, my oh so close cycle sister! Can't wait to catch up on your weekend... hopefully there was some BD involved! :) My weekend was good, but def no BD for me! DH and I actually cruised out to San Diego yesterday and are on our way home now... It's been kinda nice this cycle cause I'm not letting all these shots dictate how I live my life... I also went to a friends Fri nite and I'm just bringing my meds with me in a little cooler! I think it's helping time pass and I'm keeping my mind off things a bit more! Princess I'm so glad you are still feeling positive! Me too my friend... I think our sticky bfp's are coming!

Hi Mrs! Well they did up my dose a bit... Follistim went from 125 to 150. Still just the one vial of repronex. I go in tomorrow for another u/s and b/w. I'm more excited for this one... I think we may start to see some follies. I know it must feel like you are waiting forever. But it sounds like you are using this time effectively! I wish I could have cut back on wine a bit sooner than I did this cycle, but I seemed to cave in every time it was in front of me! It's funny tho cause now that I haven't had any in a couple weeks it's no big deal. So do you plan on waiting till like the 12 week mark before announcing your pregnancy? If that's your plan and my calculations are correct you'll be making the big announcement no later than Sept/Oct! I'm sure your first IVF will be a success... I look forward to supporting you through it!
Hey Char! Yes, I do plan on posting all of my updates soon on the other board ;) I still feel very postive so that is a good thing!

April, we did have a fun little weekend. Some of my friends think we're crazy for making those quick turnaround trips to Cali but my DH has always done that since he has work there, and ever since we figured out our dog does just fine in the car and hotel, well I just like to tag along! Hopefully soon we'll have a carseat back there too!

Princess, hahaha, it wasn't really a "cruise"... we were just cruising home in the car :D I love how positive and upbeat you sound!!! And you sure do have a great way with words my friend! You sound like the princess from that movie Enchanted!!! (so cute BTW) :angel: I'll have to go get your update today!

Hey Mrs! How funny that your DH is the one that caved! My DH is definitely more conservative when it comes to telling people when we get any kind of news... good or bad! I'm not sure what we'll do this time... there really are a lot of people who know we are doing IVF, so it's hard to hide it. I imagine this time I will definitely keep totally quiet until I've had that second beta which confirms this pregnancy is viable (like how I'm talking so positive, as if I know it's gonna happen? ;)). Guess we'll just see how it plays out, but I don't think I have the patience you have... I'm a bit of a blabbermouth :jester: :angel:

Well the appt today went good. My E2 went from 26 on Sunday to 143 today... so a very nice jump. They said to still do 150 of follistim tonite but drop it back down to 125 tomorrow. Morning dose of repronex stays at 1 vial. The u/s showed what my RE called "good follicle recruitment". They didn't count them, but from what I could tell it looked to me like maybe 15 or so total (still very small). More b/w and u/s Thurs morning, and I'm certain we'll be getting a true count then. I'm excited tho... definitely well on my way!!!!
Princess, you're awesome... loving the kare bare! My next appt is Sat morning for more b/w and another u/s!

Aimee, thanks so much for checking in on me! Please tell me... are we days away now from meeting your little girls???

Holly, I too still think this is the one! Feeling good over here!

Mady, I am wondering if they are gonna have me trigger a day earlier! It could be Sunday... we'll find out in a couple of days!

So they just called with my E2... it went from 143 Tues to 545 today. Not bad. I know I shouldn't look back and compare cycles, but I can't help it... Last cycle (the one where we proceeded with E/R) it was in the 400's at this time, and my first cycle on this same day of stims it was 1850! So I really feel comfortable knowing that it's almost a third of what it was that time I got cancelled. So I feel a lot better about where I'm sitting now!:)

Oh, and they did adjust my dose... My follistim is being decreased again from 125 to 100... it's crazy, cause that seems SO low to me, but what's cool is the follistim is so expensive I guess that is the one benefit of being a super responder!!! ... I don't have to spend nearly as much on meds! ;):D

Hope everyone else is having a good afternoon!!!