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Hahaha, yes looks like my post came thru first! But I always do that... Start writing and then get distracted... happens all the time.... Just did in fact! :) Well my E2 is fine at "right around 1500". I'm happy with that! I only do 25 units of follistim tonight. I think I'll prob trigger on Monday cause E2 is still so good and of all those follies today only about 12 or 13 measured in the 15-16 range. So yeah, if I had to bet on it I think we'll trigger Monday. Feeling good!

That was nice of you to give DH his weekend and stay to finish chores! You are a nicer DW than me! ;) where's Kings Island?

Hi Kelley! Glad u are well! Can't wait to join you on the preggo board as an official member! I think it's gonna happen this time!!!