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Sorry ladies, I've been MIA, its pretty busy here, and I have a house full of relatives.
Trish, welcome to the boards. I hope your stay is short and you get to move to the pregnancy one very soon.

April, that was pretty weird, I second Kari, with all the shipping costs back and forth they should have just let you keep the 900 for the 300 price. No biggie though, whats great is that you start in a few days.

Kari, good luck for your E/T.

Princess, I hope your 2ww is treating you good, I will have to get on your thread and see whats going on.

I had my CD3 appt yesterday, and will be starting the stimulation tomorrow, on saturday. I think they moved me a day later so I wouldnt fall in the weekend fo the retrieval. Either way, Im fine with it. Protocol will be just like with my first IVF, except for the outcome :). Follistim and menopur (ouch).
Accupuncture is treating me well, I guess I am not that scared after all.

Kari, congratulations on starting the 2ww, good luck, you are now pregnant.

April, I'm glad Lupron shots are not giving you issues. Once I start the FSH ones, Lupron seems to be my favorite, its so little quantity, and dont hurt at all, not like that Menopur:mad:

Hazel, welcome embarking this IVF train, are plenty of us girls on it already, and we will all be moving to the pregnancy boards in a few weeks time, I'm glad you are joining us. :) Most of the time the baseline appointment is not written in stone, at my RE office is just an approximation and the AF is whats deciding it. Actually on my calendar says: "Call nurse with period" ( so we can make the appt for day 3 I mean)

Amy, Holly, thank you for your continuous support, you ladies are great.

I am ok here, am on day 3 of stims. Will have my first appt tomorrow ( tuesday) just to check the estrogen levels, no U/s yet. That will be on thursday.
Do any of you know what bad can happen if I had my follistim shot 3 hours later than supposed to?

Babydust to you all,
Mady, I would not fret about a 3 hour time difference on your follistim shot. I really don't think it's too big of a deal. Even tho I wouldn't make a habit of a 3 hour window, the important thing is you got it in on the evening you were supposed to. So we have to wait till Thursday for an u/s??? I don't know if I can wait that long!!! :jester: I'll be looking forward to hearing how your E2 looks tomorrow! Good luck!

Lisa, I had read on Princess's thread that you guys had selected a donor... I was hoping you talked about it over here! Wow, that seems like the process really wasn't that painful or time consuming. Congrats on getting past that first hurdle and good for your RE office and their stringent screening process. I'm glad you both have short cycles... time will pass pretty quick and you'll be starting before you know it! Are you both going on BCP?

Hi April! Wow, that is crazy that you and Hazel could be having baseline u/s and start stims on the exact same day!!! I really think it is so exciting when you are cycling so close together with someone else doing IVF. It's the buddy system!!! :D

Hazel, Welcome back and what an exciting time for you to come back and join us!!!! Well I think for the most part stims start anywhere from 1-3 days after your baseline u/s. So it really does look like you'll be starting stims at the same time as April! Fingers crossed for lots of BFP's!!!!

Cashahn, did you and DH decide on the time frame yet??? I'm anxious to hear your schedule too!!!

Well I'm just chillin in the 2WW. If we had implantation (pls God, let there be implantation!), it would have taken place yesterday or today given my day-3 transfer was Friday. Just to make it clear.... I, along with Princess, plan on getting this May/June group of IF sisters started with a string of sticky BFP's! :angel::angel:
Mady, good luck at your appt tomorrow. Let us know how it goes. A few hours late with Follistim really shouldn't make a big difference.

April and Hazel - Yay! It really only a few more days till stims start! Good luck!

Kari and Princess - i'm praying for you both, too!
Wow Cashahn, you are so close now. Good luck with this cycle.

Lisa, congratulations on finding a donor. That was fast.

Kari, I wasnt too woried about the late follistim, I actually went to Sea World that day and just couldnt get the pen with me, being that its so hot, in the 90's. I asked the nurse yesterday and she said that its no issue, as long as I got the dose.
Well, update on me: On CD3 my E2 was 27, which got me to wonder myself, knowing that the first IVF was "under 20, where it should be", but oh well, that cycle didnt work so I dont care of having the perfect cycle again, as long as I get pregnant. Well, yesterday, on stimulation day 4 E2 was 190, again different than the first time, when it was 240's, and back then they said I deserve the gold star for that number. Well, finally now my meds changed a little, nurse told me to cut Lupron in half, from 5 to 2.5, the rest of the dosage stays the same. I dont think I even have follistim extra, if we need to up the dose. But anyway, this cycle is so much different that the first one, I hope will get me pregnant this time.
Tomorrow will take a look at the follies, and check E2 again.
Its getting close....