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Kari, I sure hope they are sticking already. I am all done with the bedrest, its soooo boooring. My tooshy is sore on both sides, and I hate laying on my back, I always fall asleep on my stomac, I dont know what I'll do when I'll grow a baby belly. :D
June 6th is way to long for me to wait, I dont know why my office lets us cook for so long, I mean, others do it after 8 days, mine 14. :confused:

Cashahn, good luck with the stims, the best thing about FET's is that they can wait for you until your lining is ready.

April dear, I hope you are doing great. I have only admiration for you, how you can give yourself the shots. I am the biggest wuss, my DH has to give them to me while I'm hugging my plush bunny. :jester: How is Gonal-F treating you? Were you on Follistim with your first IVF? Do you feel any difference? I was thinking if, in case this time doesnt work for me, I would like to change to Gonal-F.

Hazel, just a few more days for you and its starting. Its getting so exciting.

Take care ladies and good luck,
Hi girls, my appointment went well this morning. There weren't any follicles big enough to measure (they start measuring at 10 mm) but I have about 10 on each side...a few around 9 mm. So I know they're growing slowly but surely. Everything will stay the same unless they call me this afternoon.

Mady, I learned right away with my IUIs to do my own injections. My DH travels to another state Monday - Thursdays (he's a consultant) so I had to do them myself. I actually prefer to do it myself. I even ended up doing my own POI shots last cycle...that was a bit difficult with the twisting to reach your own rear!!! I took Gonal last cycle also. The only time I've taken Follistim was my first IUI because it was donated. Otherwise I prefer Gonal F because my online pharmacy has a program where if you pay out of pocket for two pens, you get the third free. It's a nice incentive. By the way, no need to worry about next time for you...this one will work!

Kari, I'm anxiously awaiting Friday. I'm so glad you've been able to enjoy your pregnancy since your last BETA.

Cashahn, I'm with Kari, I don't quite understand the stimming on a FET, but I hope they're getting everything right for your embryos. I hope all is going well!

Next appointment is on Thursday morning. Until then, I'll just keep cooking! - April
Yup Kari, they are sticking :). Imagine about my ridiculously late beta, with my first IVF I didnt even HPT, and they ordered me only 2 bottles of PIO, if the beta would have been "+" I had no meds for that day. This time I have 2 bottles also, but if I HPT, maybe I should beg them to beta me before I run out of PIO.

April, you are getting closer and closer to E/R.
At the begining I was giving the follistim shots to myself, until I had a nervous breakdown, since then, can't even look at that shot. That bulky pen scares the shorts off of me. Can't imagine the PIO by myself.....:eek:

I went today and got an accu session in, I thought it would make me feel more relaxed, but...arghhh, 2ww are so hard, and they just started.

Take care,

Holly, thank you for all your support, it means the world to us.