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Estellaheart12/ Thanks for your response. Good luck with your IVF process. I conceived my son with the help of Clomid, Follistim, and IUI on a 2nd cycle of trying that. It took a year all together. I originally had conceived twins, but lost 1 early. I tried the same thing again for 4 cycles with TTC my 2nd, but had no luck. I ended up conceiving on a natural cycle and unfortunately miscarried after 11 cycles of trying. This is my 1st cycle trying again after that and I am now in the wait. I decided to just try natural for this cycle. May try with fertility treatments again later. My last FSH level was at 17. The RE said something about me doing stims on cycles when my FSH level was lower. He did not offer me the option of IVF with my own eggs, but offered me the option of using donor eggs. I do not really want to go that route. My RE is not the optimistic type and told me my chances were low for a full term baby. How does your RE act about the issue? I have heard some stories about women with higher FSH levels still having a successful pregnancy outcome, but looking for more for inspiration. How long have you been trying for? All this gets to be so frustrating.

Estella/ I also tried Clomid for several cycles by itself, but had no luck when I was TTC my 1st. My FSH level at 37 was only 6.1. Then 1 injection of Follistim was also added to it. I had been seeing an OB/GYN until recently. That's the most that he would do for the meds. I would get from 2-5 follicles from that. I had success with my only 5 follie cycle. For TTC my 2nd, I did this again for 4 cycles with no luck. I did 1 IUI last time and this time. So my OB/GYN thought I should take the next step and consult with a RE. The RE was going to have me take 7-10 injections of Follistim, but I found out that I had a large cyst that cycle so couldn't do the meds. I also found out at 40 my FSH level had went up to 17 that cycle, but said it was ok for me to try. I tried natural that cycle and conceived, but my HCG levels did not double correctly. I found out I would miscarry or it was a tubal since he was not sure.

It is good that your RE is more optimistic about things that helps. Has your RE ever mentioned anything about antral follicles or DHEA supplementation? Mine hasn't. I came across some information on the internet from a RE who said that antral follicle count is suppose to be a better way of determining things than the cycle day 3 FSH test although it is still widely used.


I do watch the labels on foods for trans fat content and try to stay away from it.

How are the injections going? I have heard about the procedure for IVF and it sounds very over whelming, but hope everything goes well for you.

Candy, my body failed me and yesterday my 1st attempt at ivf was cancelled because i was not responding at all to the stims injection. I only had one follicle that was progressing (i did better than that with just clomid).

I guess my next step is to talk to RE to see if i should even attempt again. Im feeling really deflated right now and i am thinking about just trying to sell my repronex and follistim at discount just to recoup some of my money back and DH and i just relax and rely on God. No matter how deflated i feel right now i do still believe in miricles. And i still have the name of an adoption agency that i got from my primary care physician.

Yesterday i had a big pitty party and ate cake and pie and ice cream and hung out by the pool all day baking in the sun. I cant say the pity party is over but i do feel better today. My DH and i are going to have time intercourse - my RE told me to give myslef the HCG shot on Wed and have timed sex on Thur and Friday- i do have one mature follicle growing so there is still hope - you only need one good one right:)