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Hello friends, I have PCOS and we have been ttc since September 2007. Found out a couple of months ago DH has low sperm count, so doctors suggested IUI. I'm currently on my first month, I have been taking Follistim injections (75iu) and tomorrow I have my third ultrasound and blood work. I have been using the PCOS boards but at this point it makes more since for me to use the infertility boards since many of you have had IUIs. I don't really have a questions, but just wanted to say that I feel scared, nervous and affraid this will not work for me. I guess if you have good stories to share about IUI's, maybe that would lift my spirits a bit. You are really the only ones I can talk to about this since my DH and I decided to keep it just between the two of us. Thank so much for reading my story and best wishes to all of you ladies.