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Hi, I saw your post that you got your AF on another board and that you said that you were thinking about doing injections after a few months off. I don't know how old you are but I'm 40. My story really quick: Got BFP on my first round of Clomid and Ovidrel shot...ended in a miscarriage. Hopped right back in the saddle. Doc wanted me to do the injections...I was like no way. So, 3 more months with Clomid and BFN's. This past month I was going to take a few months off but I sucked it up and decided to do the injectables. The first two nights I had to have a friend to do them, my husband wouldn't do them. I was surprised on how easy it was and that they didn't hurt. I actually did the rest of them myself. Went to the doctors every two days...on Day 8 I was surging on my own and did the Ovidrel shot that night. Went in for the IUI this past Thursday. I'm in my 2ww now. I'm really having a good feeling about this and I wish I did the injections sooner.
So my suggestion to you would be...when you are ready...ditch the Clomid and do the injectables. They really aren't that bad. I even noticed that I wasn't moody like I was when on Clomid. The injectable I did was Follistim and very easy to do. No sore belly either.
Again, sorry for AF coming this month. Hang in there! Take time off if need be. But don't ever give up hope.
Good luck and lots of baby dust.
~ Michele