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Hi Robin - we all know how you feel on this board so you are in very good company and will get great support here. Most people who have never experienced anything like this really don't understand, and its true, they do get bored easily when you are talking about it or don't understand why its a big deal.

I just did an IUI on Wed and a 2nd on Thurs - I did 2 months on Clomid with IUI, moved to IVF and when my cycle got cancelled last Friday they turned it into an IUI. So even though I didn't start out taking injectables for an IUI, thats what it turned out to be. I was on Follistim (same as Gonal-F) and Menopur, when it was cancelled due to low response they put me on all Menopur day and evening. Its weird how many different drugs people are on, every RE seems different. I had cramping too on one side becasue thats where my largest follicle was. Am hoping for the best but can see myself being on the IVF list again in Sept :(. I test in 2 weeks so I will know more then.

Best of luck with everyting.