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Some of you already knew that I had decided to try injectibles in this coming Septermber cycle after 4 failed cycles with Clomid, HCG trigger shot and IUI... sigh.... Today, my RE asked me to check with my insurance company to see which brand that they cover, Gonal-F, Follistim, or Bravelle. Before checking with them, I'd like to hear what your suggestions are based on your experience, which one do you recommend, or which one gave you a BFP? :O) I do ovulate regularly and reacted to Clomid, DH's sperm count and motility are not very high, but I thought IUI would've helped... :o( DO you think the injectibles will do a better job for us?

I am a little nervous just thinking about the shots....

Thank you so much!

I just finished with my first round of Follistim injectables and got a BFP. After 4 rounds of Clomid (1st round BFP but ended in a miscarriage)...the next 3...nothing. 1st round of Follistim is all it took. I just wish I did them sooner. Doc recommended it but I didn't think I could handle doing the shots everyday for 7 to 10 days. But it was nothing. By the 3rd day, I did them myself. I even ovulated on my own this time...but still did the Ovidrel shot. Went in for the IUI and now I have the BFP.
Good luck and lots of baby dust your way and everyone on here.

I just saw your good news, wow!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!! I remember you mentioned that you had a good feeling this time, you were right!!!!!!!! Your instinct was so good! :O) I am sooooooo happy for you!!!!!!!!
I will definately pray for you, you will be fine!


Thank you always for your support. You guys just made me feel so much better, I haven't told anyone else but my parents about what we are going through, it is very tough... and I just got the news from my sister that she fell pregnant at first try... sigh.. :O(
Anyway, I hope that my insurance company will cover either Gonal-f or Follistim. I heard that Follistim is stronger than Gonal-f, do you guys know if it's true?
Charlene, I will pray for you too for a smooth rest of the pregnancy! Do you know it's a girl or boy? Or you chose to have a surprise? :-)