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Thank you for responding. It is nice to talk with women in the 35+ set who understands how difficult secondary infertility can be. My hormones are normal, luckily. My fsh is slightly elevated but not enough for them to think we won't be able to do this. I guess I am going to be getting 300iu follistim and 4 vials menopur daily - which is a heck of alot. He is trying to stim me to the point where I can produce as much as possible because we only have the one shot. And, of course due to my age. I am actually praying for twins because no matter what the one pregnancy brings;) that is all we are doing. If I were slightly younger I may consider another pregnancy but my dh and I both agree - only one.

I know you know what the waiting game is like.:( It also seems you understand what it is like to be able to do one and only one cycle. It is neat to see that you have older kids too. I bet they are going to be a big help. My daughter is grown but if we only have one baby, our plan is to adopt 1-2 kids in between my oldest (who will be 20 when a baby is born) and the baby (ies)

My hopes and prayers are with you Lisa. I understand the struggle - especially monthly when our unwanted friend rears her ugly head.:mad:

Please keep posting and tell us where you are. My blessings and success to you.;)