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I'm 24 years old and currently going through IVF. This is our first cycle and we started Follistim on 11/6, and my first ultrasound and bloodwork since starting Follistim was on 11/10. The clinic that I go to requires all bloodwork to be done before 9:30 or 10:00 (can't remember which) in order to get the results same day. Well my appointment on the 10th was at 9:00, so I was there at 8:50. They kept me in the waiting room until 9:30, and then I sat in the exam room waiting on the doctor until after 10. When she performed the ultrasound she said that I was responding VERY WELL to the Follistim, and I had approximately 12 eggs, 2 of which had already reached maturity. She told me we would do the retrieval on Friday, the transfer of the embryos on Monday, and to continue with the Follistim this evening and she'd see me back tomorrow. Only then did she take my bloodwork, so I heard nothing about it for the rest of the day and took my Follistim that night as instructed. Well I went in on Tuesday and she said my blood work shows that my estrogen yesterday was at 3700, so chances are it would be even higher than 4,000 today, so we wouldn't be able to do the transfer this month. Not only that, their office is not doing any IVF transfers in December, so even though I had to continue with the procedure for the retrieval on Thursdsay, I won't be able to transfer any embryos until January at the earliest. My question is this: If my doctor's office had gotten my blood work back that day and I had NOT taken my follistim that evening, would my estrogen still have risen to 4,532 overnight?
Nope, not only did my doctor not alter my dosage at all, she didn't even check my blood until I had already been on Follistim for 4 days. And, as I said before, by the time she did check my blood on the 5th day, she didn't do it early enough to get my results back until the 6th day after I had already taken 5 full doses at 300IU.