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hello and thanks in advance for reading...

I just need a little info/reassurance re: my dvt, which happened 5 months ago. I had 2 embolisms and a very large (pelvis to knee) clot in my left leg. Was hospitalized and put on Warfarin, and have recovered slowly. I feel permanent damage to my lung (it is restricted if I try to take a full breath), and my left leg is still 3 inches larger in diameter and functions at a greatly reduced capacity compared to the right. The warfarin levels have been basically good but a bit wobbly, and I sure would like to hear from someone with similiar conditions who is further along than I.

Will I ever be able to go running or biking (or any other leg stressing exercise) again? I thought I would be much more recovered after 5 months than I am. A recent ultrasound showed thickening of the artery wall. Will that ever lessen? And the clot is perhaps now half gone, still just below the groin and up into the pelvis. I still feel stuff happening in the groin/pelvis, so I know it's still there. How much should I worry baout it breaking loose if I am on Warfarin?

How to really know that the clot is gone, if the ultrasound can't reach into the pelvis? Some other type of scan?

Will I ever be able to wear my clothes again? Will my leg always be so darn big?

Will the lung constriction ever lessen, or heal?

How much am I still at risk, for embolisms, and for clots?

All my doctors ascribe my clot to the birth control I was taking, as I had NO other risk factors, and all my blood work looked fine. So now that I am off the pill, can I rest easy? How much will the damage and thinning in the vein in my groin make it more likely that this will happen again.

Oh, and my optomotrist found clots in my eyes, although they seemed to have no effect. Is that permanent damage that will make problems in the future?

And how much should I push myself exercise-wise? I am a bit scared to push it, because the embolisms occurred after hard exercise (before the Warfarin, though). The leg gets feels hot and swollen and tight when I exercise...should I still push it, both for the cardio-health, and the clot-recovery, and for future clot prevention? Or is there someway that I need to be careful?

So basically, how much does life return to the way it was, and what will be the long-term effects of this event?

Thanks in advance for your comments![/QUOTE/]
Hi, I know exactly what you are going through. It all started with me when I was 16 years old. I am 23 years old now. I am a female. Ok here's my story. I had got first DVT when I was 16. Since then I have had 3 more. I have had 3 DVT's in left leg. 1 In the Van Cava. I have not had any in my lungs. When I had gotten my second DVT they ran tests on me. I have Factor V Leiden, and Protain C dificency. It is an inherited blood disorder. I take Fragmin for life.( Blood Thinning Shot) I was taking wafarin but i was still developing clots while on that.That is why they put me on Fragmin. Not fun. To your questions. I had my first dvt 6 years ago and It is still there. It is very likely that it wont move now because it is attached to the vein wall. I have heard that you should exercise your legs as much as you can tolerate because it helps you to grow colladeral veins. Some peoples clots disolve and some peoples dont. Mine did not. I hope your does. I have had pain and swelling in that leg every since the first clot. I had the Vena Cava filter placed because the doctors was afraid of me developing new clots and them going to my lungs. I have had to have my tubes tied too because my doctor said I should. But I have found out that there is alot of people who has done the lovinox shot during pregnancy and had a normal child and chilbirth. I hope I have answed some of your questions. If you have anything else to ask me just ask on and I will try to help you. I hope you get well and Clot free. Take Care. Michelle