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Please try not to freak out- I am glad that you are seeing the Neurologist soon! The treatment for APS is by thinning the blood out with Warfarin (Coumadin). Some doctors will start an APS patient out with Heparin injections (of low molecular heparin- Fragmin is the name of it) for two weeks and then switch them onto Coumadin. I know that with me, 2 days on the Heparin injections and I was back to my old self! My headaches were gone, my brain fog was gone and my memory improved instantly. I had a numb tounge too that got better with treatment too! It was DRAMATIC! So if you do have APS then Coumadin is the best line of treatment (with Heparin to start). I really hope that the Neurologist can test you soon.. this does sound like APS To me. Has anyone looked in your eyes? If not, I would suggest going to an Optometrist, Opthalmologist or even your GP to see what is going on in your eyes. If they are inflamed or have clots then that is what is causing your vision problems. If they do say that they are inflamed and call it Optic Neuritis that is when they lean towards Multiple Sclerosis. BUT chances are that you DONT have MS! APS can cause Optic Neuritis and other symptoms very similar to MS! Please take information for your GP and the Neurologist on APS. That is the best way to educate them if they do not know about APS. The important thing to remember too is that you can have APS and NOT have the positive blood work. THat is what makes it a living hell to get diagnosed. I hope that this helps, and if you are really scared see about getting to an Optometrist, Opthalmologist or your GP tomorrow and see whats going on in your eyes. Take care :)