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Hi and thanks for the replys. My doctor did not tell to bring someone with me. I am going to have my husband come with me anyways. I am going to call and ask them how they di it too. They are closed right now but will call tomorrow and let you know.I am taking Fragmin (Blood Thinning shot).Everyday.I will be sure and ask about that too. Ok about the 3 feet long thing. I am glad you informed me about that because if I would have went in there and seen that i would have probably passed out and said there no way you are sticking that thing up there. I take Darvocoet for the pain in my legs from Blood clots but I dont think that would be strong enough to knock me out. I am just kind of weary about this whole thing because I just had surgery back in april to have the Vena Vava filter put in and I was awake for that surgery and It did not go well at all. They had hit a nerve or pinched a nerve on my spine. I thought I was going to dye when they did that. I did not even want to be awake for that but they said I wouldnt feel a thing and that i wouldnt even realize what was going on. Wrong answer I felt it all!!!!!! So I was in the hospital for 12 days tring to get over the pain. I was on the delaudid pain pump and 2 percocet 5's and I still felt the pain. So you probably understand why I am wanting to know all of these thing about this sigmoidoscopy. I do not think that i will have this done if they dont give me something to knock me out.And really mean that it will knock me out.Sorry for the long post just needed to vent a little bit. Thanks for listening.