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Hi all. Checking in nearly 4 weeks after my operation. All went well, and I would have posted before now, but I must confess that I forgot the Healthboards URL, and it was only last weekend that I was able to call into work to get the URL off my work PC.

Thanks for your support Ripanco and Ken – I really appreciate it.

My operation was on Wed 14 Dec, and I was in the theatre for about 4 hours. Although the surgeon said later that he had thought it touch and go as to whether I could sustain resurfacing, it turned out fine on both hips. Evidently I coped well with the operation and did not need a transfusion. As my red cell count dropped from 14 to 10 (whatever the units are) I was then put on iron supplements.

As I had both hips done it was the second day after the operation before I tried to get out of bed. Two attempts in the morning were followed by successfully standing in the afternoon. The next day I took a couple of steps with a walking frame, and two days after that moved to forearm crutches – much better than the frame. The wounds healed well with no infection, and over the course of the first week I learnt to get in and out of bed myself, have a shower myself and commence the physiotherapy. I'm glad that my upper body strength was sufficient to fully raise myself from the bed using the dangling triangle. It would have been very difficult if I couldn't do that.......

The staples came out on day 7, and I was allowed to go home on day 8. I think that the final test was showing that I could self inject the Fragmin that I needed to take for 20 days after going home. While the surgeon had said 10 days in hospital, the hospital itself expected me to be there for 8 days. I think that the surgeon was being conservative, so I would feel good if getting out in 8 days, but not disappointed if it was a bit longer than that.

Pain? No pain!! The hospital had made clear that all pain relief up to self administered morphine was on offer, but I didn’t need that. Took panadiene forte for a couple of days, then dropped to straight panadiene, more as a preventative rather than because I really needed it.

Having got home after 8 days, the progress has been steady each day. I have been careful to do the sets of exercises that I was given, and will be seeing both the surgeon and the physio. for the first time this Thursday. It really is remarkable how I can tell the difference between the two legs when doing my exercises. My right hip was the first one that went, and so over time I favoured that side. Though the left deteriorated at the end, there is still more residual muscle on that side. I can tell that the exercises are reviving muscle on the left, and starting to build muscle on the right ( which will be a much slower process).

So, just before 4 weeks, I can walk around the house without crutches – although I do use them mostly when walking from one ond of the house to the other. I have to sleep on my back, which does create problems in that I wake every 1-2 hours and have to stretch my legs before getting back into bed and having another stint. But there is no pain in the joints as there was previously.

Last weekend my wife took our daughter to relatives on the south coast overnight, so I took the opportunity to drive into work to get the URL. Getting into and out of the car needed care but was OK, and driving was no problem at all! Although my wife was not impressed when she found out…….

Happy New Year everyone