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In 1999, my husband had a huge blood clot in his arm. He was on Coumadin for 6 months and eventually the clot disappeared. However, in 2001 he started having clots in his leg, hospitalized again and was placed on Coumadin again.

Two days after he was released he had a mini-stroke and pulmonary embolism. We eventually found out with a very, very long battle of doctors, tests, and specialists he has 4 blood disorders which cause his blood to improperly clot. His body would not respond to Coumadin again. He takes daily injections of Fragmin now.

The embolism left him disabled causing damage (scarring) to his lungs. His chest constantly hurts and breathing is difficult. However he is responding to the Fragmin which is very good, because we were told this medicine is his only option with the severity of his blood disorders. He continues to pass micro-clots but this also is to be expected with his condition.

My advice to anyone is to be very cautious of your blood clot/clots and continue to seek medical advice. Who would have ever thought the first time he ever experienced problems in 1999 would be the beginning of this ordeal?

Take care