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i just had a hysterectomy 5 weeks ago. i went off coumadin and plavix for a week before and a week after. i gave my self fragmin shots (low molecular haparin) in the belly everyday before and after until my inr was back up to normal. the fragmin only stays in your system for 24 hours. as soon as i stopped bleeding (which was the next day i started back on the fragmin shots. i started the coumdin on the day of the surgery because it takes so long to kick in. during the 48 hours which i had nothing they had me out of bed and walking constantly plus they put the teds stockings on me. i have a clotting disorder and have numerous strokes. all ended up weel, no clots no strokes.
yup, sorry about that. this was the schedule my hemotologist made me.

7 days prior to surgery take last dose of coumadin
6 days nothing
5 days nothing
4 days one 18,000 ui fragmin shot
3 days one 18,000 ui fragmin shot
2 days one 18,000 ui fragmin shot
1 day one 18,000 ui fragmin shot
day of surgery, that night a double dose of my regular coumadin dose
1 day preop regular dose of coumadin plus 5,000 ui fragmin shot
the regular dose coumadin and 5,000 fragmin shots continue till inr is at the levels you need.

the reason the 5 and 6th day prior to surgery you take nothing is because you inr is still within therapudic ranges even though you arent taking the coumadin.
hope this is a little clearer.