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i think the shots you are taking are low loecular heparin. i take fragmin shots if i have to come my coumadin. i think they are the same thing. you can take coumadin without the shots but coumadin takes about a week to start doing its thing and during that time you are unprotected thus the shots.
dont be surprised if it takes you quite a while for your inr to stabilize with the coumadin. they told me 6-12 months but it was more like 3 years. i still do the inr blood test every 2 weeks. never did get to the 1 mont between blood test. hopefully you will get it fast. be careful what you eat. there is lots of stuff with vitamin k in it and vitamin k is no longer your friend. it will wreck havok with your blood so either eat the same amount every day or kepp it at an appsolute minimum.