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You of course need to see a cardiologist ASAP. Do NOT count on health food store preparations to substitute...neither Co-Q10, soybeans, or proteolytic enzymes will help you if it's your heart.
What WILL be of use until you can see your doctor is daily aspirin...take one or two ADULT size until you can see someone or get to an E/R (I don't know what the requirements are for admission but I'm sure gripping your chest and saying "I have chest pain and shortness of breath" qualifies.

What you CAN get from a health food store that may help a bit is an herbal diuretic...but a prescription for thiazise or furosemide (probably Frusamide in the UK) will work FAR better. Make SURE your GP gives you an Rx for some diuretic when you see him...referral or not. Getting the edema down will help a lot with your breathing because of all the places that edema creates havoc, the lungs are the worst.