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After a week long hospitalization for a diabetic crisis, I've been put on meds for the diabetes and the atrial fibrillation.

I think the meds are poorly selected but I am just so tired and can't do any research on them.

My primary question is should the Accupril/Lisinopril be taken at morning or at night or does it make no difference?

Other meds are:

Coumadin 7.5mg most nights but 10.0 mg twice a week.
Cardizem (Diltiazem) twice a day despite advertisements saying once a day!
Lopressor originally Rx'd at 50mg 2xday but suddenly refilled as 50mg 1xday!
Insulin (70/30 Novolin) 30units in the morning and 25 units at night.
Furosemide 40mg 2xday.
KCl 2x day.

I seem to go into atrial fibrillation regularly at 2:00am and whenever I bend over to pick something up.

Leg edma seems to have returned so I doubt the furosemide is working despite my occasional use of vitamin C to give the furosemide a boost.

Any comments???
Your drug list makes me shudder! :dizzy:

I have only one comment. A leg edema that is resistant to furosemide is probably caused by the channel blocker, in your case, the diltiazem.

I'd take the ACE inhibitor in the morning becasue most of our stress and physical exertion occurs during the day.

Okay 2 comments :D:
Ask your doctor what he thinks of sotalol, a beta blocker...it's often touted as the first line of defense for a-fib. I have a friend who does very well with it and has avoided ablation becasue of sotalol.